FLOODS – Welsh Govt / local authorities – at least stop giving planning permission on flood plains (such obvious and blatant bad planning on the new housing estate at Ruthin, flooded within a year). Why do apparently professional planners and Inspectors do this? WG talks the talk – “Wellbeing of Future Generations Act” (stupid title) – but continues to build on any precious green spaces, storing up problems for our Future Generatons. Or as in the case at Ruthin, instant problems for the present generation. Mostly chasing this mythical “Growth” which will solve all our social problems, IT WON’T!
When I was an engineering manager for a Welsh LA, dealing with a bad storm causing flooding, an irate resident called, demanding acton to stop floodwater approaching his new house. And what was the Council going to do about it? I got sandbags delivered, but explained that he should complain to the developer, not the Council – the LA had refused planning permission for the estate (in a floodplain), but a Planning Inspector had allowed it when the developer appealed. .
Then there’s re-foresting the hills …. but that’s another campaign!