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From TJ’s ‘What Nature Does for Britain’: -
” … falsehood at the heart of the political debate, where we continue to be presented with an apparent choice between looking after nature on the one hand or growing our economy on the other”
Ignoring nature and the environment would be shooting ourselves in the foot (or worse). We must lobby Welsh Assembly election candidates, tell them conservation of the environment is not a luxury, it is essential. CPRW is doing so. To mention three costly reasons amongst dozens, that adversely affect the economy – FLOODING, POLLINATORS, AIR POLLUTION


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Heard Mr Rooke, Deputy CEO of Env Agency (England) on Today this morning on the catastrophic flooding, at the last he got to ‘resilience’, otherwise it sounded mostly prevarication. He mentioned more resilient buildings, didn’t mention safer (more resilient) infrastructure, ie electricity sub-stations above flood level.
But I hope EA (and NRW – vain hope) is also trying to change the govt’s longer-term strategy, the abysmal planning and land-use (build anywhere) and agricultural policies. So many people are shouting for a wider re-assessment of resilience, especially along the eco-systems route.
Is NRW / EA promoting strategies such as re-foresting and re-bogging the uplands to mitigate and slow down the river catchment run-off? And of course to assist biodiversity and continuing loss of wildlife. I don’t think so
Have you read Tony Juniper’s recent book, ‘What Nature Does for Britain’? If not, I recommend it highly – It should be compulsory for NRW / EA Officers.