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Just been to a fine art Masterclass by leading Welsh artist Jantien Powell, during our CPRW-sponsored ‘Country Views’ art exhibition in Newport. Two hours passed in what seemed like ten minutes, a little beauty of a painting was created in front of our eyes, with each brush stroke, each colour mix, explained. This was craftsmanship (…womanship?) at its best, it was pure magic to see the picture appear, every few minutes it got better and better, almost like when we were kids, painting those magic picture books with water!  I was distracted by a visitor to the the exhibition at one point, and when I looked again a second character had appeared in the painting.

Jantien stood all the time, moving back from the easel to look, then forward to add another part of the picture she could already see in her mind. She explained her technique, colour and application (many methods to apply the acryllic, mostly brushes, but including fingers and hyperdermic needle)

Somehow I don’t think the creation of Tracey Emin’s ‘My Bed’ would have been quite so impressive. Concept art does not require any craftsmanship as far as I can see – perhaps I should try it – ‘My Desk’ comes to mind. I could do that, but Jantien’s skills are far beyond me.

Jantien’s masterpiece created this week is part of an exhibition she is preparing for next year to record the Abergavenny Livestock Market, which is about to close – just another abysmal local authority planning decision, deplored by many local people, but apparently desperately needed by a developer. She has produced a number of  views of the Market in operation, the animals that pass through and some of the country characters who bring them – at least the spirit of the market will be captured for posterity.

What a loss to Abergavenny is closing the Market, but it has generated Jantien’s exhibition, and those of us who were priviliged to see the creation of great little picture will not forget it.

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Don’t miss our 3rd annual Landscape Art Exhibition at the Barnabas Arts House, Newport, opening on Tues 24th Sept -


Artists exhibiting include

  • Jamie Routley – selected for BP Exhibition in London, his works are now expensive!
  • David Bellamy – a favoutite Welsh artist for many years
  • Jantien Powell – very busy with art classes as well as her gallery near Raglan
  • Alex Arnell – Welsh Artist of the Year Award 2010
  • Philip Muirden – superb sea subjects, from West Wales
  • Winnie Kwong Kuen-Shan – fascinating oriental take on Wales
  • Mark Williams,- painter, illustrator, cartoonist – great fun
  • Maggie Davies – ‘richly textured paintings’
  • Janet Walters
  • Glen Carney
  • Sheila Williams
  • Andrrew Worsfoid

Call 01495 755557 for Preview invitation, Masterclass booking, or other info


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CPRW’s art exhibition in the Barnabas Arts House in Newport was opened at a private viewing on Sunday. The exhibition, with 60 exhibits from 7 artists, is a marvellous mixture of styles, all of them terrific, and everyone I spoke to was very complimentary. I was knocked out by the whole thing, we had been worried that it would flop, but so far it has totally exceeded my expectations. There was a good crowd of art enthusiasts at the opening, and most of the artists exhibiting also attended. The gallery is exceptional, a superb venue for an exhibition, and the owner, Janet Martin, had organised it perfectly. There were several sales by the end of the day.

The Barnabas Arts House is more than just a gallery, it also houses studios for artists and crafts, runs courses and art-related activities, and much more – a real community arts centre. So impressive.


The Barnabas Arts House is in New Ruperra St, Pillgwentlly, Newport NP20 2BB (near George St Bridge and the new large ASDA) For more information or directions, call the Barnabas Arts House on 01633-673739 / 264581

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Landscape Art Exhibition

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CPRW is sponsoring an exhibition of paintings of our wonderful countryside by local professional artists, in September in Newport. Do visit and support the exhibition, the artists, and the Barnabas Art House, and compare and enjoy the skilled interpretations of our Welsh landscapes

‘Wonderful Wales’

Welsh Art Exhibition

At the Barnabas Art House, Pill, Newport

With the Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales

Bringing the Welsh countryside to the inner city

Sat 24th September, and Mon 26th September to Sat 1st October 2011

Gallery opening hours 10 am to 4 pm (Café 11 am to 3 pm)
All paintings exhibited are for sale and are traditional landscape paintings

The Barnabas Art House, New Ruperra Street, Newport NP20 2BB
Tel: 01633 673 739 or 01633 264 581
Contact for further information:
Janet Martin at the gallery or Simon Brook (CPRW) 01633 400 988

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