The big issue (what could be bigger? A declaration of war, maybe). My view on this is basically that we have been persuaded to leave the Path to the Wicket Gate, and have landed in the Slough of Despond (to misquote Pilgrim’s Progress). Why did we leave the Path?
• Cameron was pushed into a referendum, with hindsight, he / they did not foresee the consequences if LEAVE won (they saw no chance of that), and they had no Plan B
• With hindsight again, a simple majority decision was completely wrong; it should have been defined as guidance for the government in charge, not an inviolate instruction
• LEAVE misled everyone with unfounded optimism, lack of risk assessment, even lies; REMAIN played a defensive game, with no positive strategy, they thought that would suffice.
• Such a huge existential decision cannot be decided on a decision, in a flawed vote, of just over 50%
• Many LEAVE voters are now saying they did not expect to win; or they voted just to kick the government, or the whole political class – not to answer the question on the ballot paper.
In a short few days since the vote, some of the muted predictions of gloom have already appeared – the £ drops like a stone; stock markets also; big companies are talking about moving out. It looks bad.
From an environmental viewpoint, it appears catastrophic. Economic necessity will be everything, environmental concerns disregarded, EU environmental legislation lost altogether
For Wales, no-one believes the generations of EU grants will be replaced by any UK government; unemployment is likely to rise, perhaps steeply, house prices drop (good for some, but few will be able to afford even lower prices), farmers will fare even worse, food, fuel, and much more will increase in price, flights and holidays will be particularly expensive. Can tax rises be avoided?
Maybe there will be an election, and a government pledged to reconsider will be elected; maybe the petition for a re-run referendum will achieve the purpose; maybe Scotland will hold up the UK decision. Maybe aliens will land and give us a larger problem. I hope so (except the latter)