Our hill farm has terrific views, on a day of good visibility we can see for 30 miles over the Severn towards the Mendips Hills, and if we walk a few steps away from our farmhouse we can catch a glimpse of the Malvern tops. It is marvellous, and we know we are lucky to have landed up here. (Mind, when we are cut off from civilisation in winter blizzards, bucketing water to animals, it is difficult to remember that!)  But last week, on a 90% good day, a pig keeper friend who is also a remarkable artist, visited us with two objects – one pig-related, the other to capture a scene on the farm. In not much over a couple of hours she had a landscape painting and a piggy sketch, both to be worked on further, but both of marvellous quality already. I so admire such skill. And as Jantien is one of the artists contributing to the CPRW–sponsored exhibition in Newport at the end of September, I am looking forward tremendously to the collection of some 60 works of landscape art, all of high quality by professional Welsh artists. Do visit if you can – see details on previous post below, and visit Jantien’s website http://www.jantien.co.uk   We felt privileged to glimpse the creative process, thanks Jantien