As a farmers husband, the way I see farming is that it is always disappointing (unless you are an East Anglian cereal baron, of course). The lambs are always less than expected, the piglets die, the grass doesn’t grow because of lack of rain, the meat doesn’t all sell, the tractor needs a new gearbox, the water pipes freeze up, and we have to bucket it around  …. and so on. But last weekend, our Farmers Market went pretty well, and then when we got home our friendly contractor had started baling the silage, and completed it just before it rained. Amazing. And there were more bales than we expected. Mind, I had to join in for two hours with our rather old Zetor tractor, moving big bales to the wrapper, and I felt like I’d run a marathon next day. I really am too old for that nowadays (and so is the tractor).